February is often called the "month of love" due to Valentine's Day being the main holiday for the month. Even though love may be in the air, we sometimes forget to set personal boundaries for ourselves when interacting with others on a romantic and non-romatic levels. Personal boundaries are limits and rules we set for ourselves in relationships. Here are four ways we can set healthy boundaries for ourselves when interacting with others.

1. Plan ahead: Think about what you want to say, and how you will say it, before entering a difficult discussion. This can help you feel more confident about your position.

2. Be respectful: Avoid yelling, using put-downs, or giving the silent treatment. It’s okay to be firm, but your message will be better received if you are respectful.

3. Use confident body language: Face the other person, make eye contact, and use a steady tone of voice at an appropriate volume (not too quiet, and not too loud).

4. Compromise: When appropriate, listen and consider the needs of the other person. You never HAVE to compromise, but give-and-take is part of any healthy relationship.


Lauren McCallister, Resident in Counseling