Build Self-Care Skills

Develop techniques with mental health skill-building support in Chesterfield, VA and the surrounding areas

Do you live with major depressive disorder, bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder or schizophrenia? These conditions often make caring for yourself overwhelmingly difficult. Comprehensive Counseling Solutions of Virginia provides assistance through mental health skill-building services in Chesterfield, VA.

Our mental health skill-building support professionals can help you participate actively in your medical care. You'll benefit from 10 to 15 weekly hours of professional support as you learn about medication, follow your doctor's medication treatment plan and participate in appointments. Contact us today to get the support you need to move forward in your treatment plans.

What else will we help you do?

Our mental health skill-building services include interpersonal skill development services, whether you want to improve communication with loved ones, friends or professionals.

You'll also build upon skills like:

  • Preparing meals
  • Caring for children
  • Maintaining budgets

You'll work towards specific goals that you set with our mental health skill-building support professionals. Begin setting your goals with us right away.

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